Sunday, March 16, 2008

Road Trip!

We just returned from a road trip to visit Grandma Marilyn in Atlanta. It's a four hour drive, and Noah did pretty well in the car. We drove down on Friday night, and Noah slept about three hours of the drive. On the way home this afternoon, Noah took about a half hour nap, but then played, sucked on his toes, watched the cars and trucks, and periodically complained about being confined in his car seat. We tried to keep him entertained with some of his favorite toys - empty water bottles, a toy remote control, Lulu the singing spider, and (as a last resort) our cell phones.

Noah had fun exploring Grandma Marilyn's house and playing with is new Bob the Builder laptop computer. He even had his first lunch at a Neiman Marcus restaurant! He slept in his pack and play, and we were relieved that he slept through the night and took long naps. Here's some more pictures from our trip.
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