Friday, April 4, 2008

Bath Time

No matter how tired he is at the end of the night, Noah always loves taking a bath. When we go upstairs to get ready for bath time, Noah usually starts playing with a toy or exploring around the upstairs. But, as soon as he hears the bath water start to run, he crawls to the bathroom and stands up at the side of the tub to wath the water run in the tub. At this point, he also likes to take all the foam letters off the side of the tub and drop them on the bathroom floor, saying "uh oh" as each one drops. The foam letters are by far his favorite bath toys, as evidenced by all the little teeth marks in each letter. His second favorite bath toys are plastic cups - he likes to put the letters in the cups and pour them out again. Noah also likes to have his own washcloth so he can help wash his own face and hair. He does like to splash in the tub, but prefers a calm and relaxing bath.
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