Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Riding in the Wagon

Noah had fun going on his own private wagon rides one day while Isaac was napping.  Yaya took Noah to the end of the lane to get the mail, and then around the house a few times.

When Isaac woke up, it was time for his own wagon ride.  I hopped in the wagon (and Noah did too) to get a few pictures of his reaction.
I loved seeing the pure joy on his face as he watched the pine trees zip by

and catching his smiles as the wind rushed through his hair

His wonder while watching the tires go around and around and around

While all this wonder was going on, Noah didn't even look up.  He had brought a book about Apollo 11 in the wagon, and he was busy the whole time.

When I asked him if he wanted to look around and enjoy the tractor ride, he said, "Mommy, I've already done that.  That's why I brought a book along this time" and went back to reading.  

Isaac's wonderment continued for the rest of the ride, and Noah got in some good reading.  Everyone had a good ride!