Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Little Drummer Boy

So, we have a full-size drum kit in the house.  It's either a sign that we are brilliant parents who are nurturing our child's potential, or a sign of complete insanity.  You can choose.

It's two days after Christmas, and we are all entertained by Noah's drumming.  He sings while he plays, so that makes the drumming easier to listen to.  We wanted to share to little video clips with you.

Click here to see Noah singing "Jingle Bell Rock" and just having fun with the drums:

And click here to see Noah singing "Step By Step" and showing off one of his new rhythms.
(The lyrics are:  Oh God, You are my God And I will ever praise You... And Step by step You'll lead me, And I will follow You all of my days.)

For those of you concerned about Noah's hearing (which includes us), special noise canceling hearing protection should arrive at our house tomorrow.  

While Noah plays, Isaac usually plays his guitar and sings along at a microphone next to the drums.  Noah has assumed the role of band leader (probably because he has real drums and Isaac has a toy guitar), so Noah tells Isaac what song to sing, and Isaac always agrees, at least for now.