Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Art of the Toddler Jump

Inspired by his older brother, Isaac decided to strengthen his jumping skills while we were in Hilton Head, too.

Isaac started out jumping while holding on to two hands.  Even at the beginning, he would go completely under when he jumped, and he loved it!

After a while, he was comfortable jumping while Matt held on to his sides with both hands.

After a few days, Isaac would jump in while only holding one hand.  Look at the look on his face - eyes squeezed shut, taking a leap of faith jump, totally trusting Daddy to keep him safe.

At the end of our vacation, Isaac was loving the one-handed jump.  He would stand on the side of the pool and scream, "Mommy!" until he made sure I was watching him as he jumped.

Look at that big (open eyed) smile!