Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pre-Birthday Surprise

We took Noah on a surprise adventure to Mattie's Diner for dinner tonight. He likes to pretend he runs a restaurant sometimes, like when he helps make sandwiches in the pretend restaurant "Pickles," or when he and Isaac run the play-doh restaurant "Spaghetti and Pancakes." Noah pretends to cook in the kitchen on some days, but other days he takes orders and runs the cash register. So, we thought he would get a kick out of eating at an old-fashioned diner where he can see his food cooked right in front of him.

Oh, and eat fried pickes for the first time.

Isaac loved the diner stools that spun around. After he ate dinner, he stood and spun a stool around and around. He could see himself in the shiny side of the seat, and he tried to kiss his reflection as it spun around as he giggled with happiness.

Noah loved the whole experience.

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