Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Isaac's Mountain Profile

One of the things we had been especially looking forward to about out trip to Arizona was getting Isaac's profile picture with the view out of my parent's window in the background.

We have a picture of Noah sitting in the window when he was seven months old.  We sat him in the window so he could see a beautiful winter sunset, and we decided to take a picture of him there.  We ended up with a beautiful profile in front of the sunset.  It has been printed on a canvas, and it's in Noah's room now.

So, it was very important to us to get a similar picture of Isaac.  Uncle Don (a professional photographer) suggested that we face Isaac the other direction in the window so the photos will compliment each other.  That was a great idea - I would have never thought of doing that!

Once were in Arizona, we realized that a sunset shot wasn't going to be possible.  Since we were visiting in the spring, the sun was setting later.  If we wanted a sunset shot, we would have had to wake up Isaac and put him in the window at about 10pm EST.  That wouldn't make for a good picture!

So, we took some shots to see how they turned out with a daytime mountain view.  We're so happy with the results!  I love the way Isaac's mouth is a little open, and you can see a few curls in his profile too!  The mountains are clear in the background and it's a beautiful blue sky.

It is a perfect picture.  Uniquely Isaac.

Oh, and here's Noah's picture from December 2007:

Aren't they interesting together?

The same view.
Completely unique.

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