Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Growing and Growing!

Isaac had his four month well-check today, and he weighed in at exactly 18 pounds (95th percentile)! He is also 27 inches long (97th percentile). He's our big, healthy and happy boy. He has been on a permanent growth spurt these last few weeks, and he's been eating and eating all day and all night.

The pediatrician agreed that it's time to start eating some food, so Isaac had rice cereal for the first time today. He had fun with the spoon in the beginning, and most of the rice cereal ended up on his chin and bib because his tongue kept thrusting it out of his mouth. After a few minutes, he realized that it was food, and that made him realize he was hungry, which made him very frustrated. So, we stopped the feeding and we'll try again tomorrow. I'm so happy that Isaac is starting to eat, it gives me hope that we can find a way to satisfy his appetite!