Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Noah!

We kissed our one-year-old boy good-night last night for the last time, and today we are having fun celebrating Noah's second birthday! We went to Dan Nichols Park in Salisbury, NC and spent the morning having a birthday celebration. Noah loved the train, but could not figure out why anyone would have fun on the carousel, as you can see from our pictures. He had fun looking at many different animals in the zoo and petting zoo area.

Noah has figured out how to hold up two fingers to show that he's two years old now - it's a pretty difficult task! His new word of the day is "happy" because this is his happy birthday day, and he loves it when we sing Happy Birthday to him.
When he woke up from his nap this afternoon, he had a fabulous time opening his presents. He loved the drum from Grandad and Grammy, the Elmo books from Uncle Mark and Aunt Tanya, and the PlayDoh fun farm from us. The hit of the night was our big present to him - Rokenbok Beginning Builder set (which we got for a steal on ebay). We knew he would like it because he had played with it at our friend's house. Noah very quickly learned how to operate the remote control dump truck , and he loves it when the balls go into the hopper and up the conveyor belt. It is the perfect toy for him!
Happy birthday to our sweet boy!!