Sunday, August 3, 2008

Chore Time

Isn't it cute how kids think that chores are fun? Noah is an avid fan of vacuuming and swiffering. Vacuuming has been interesting to him for quite some time now, and he likes Mommy to hold him while she vacuums the rug. He points to where the vacuum should be plugged in, and he helps to put the vacuum back in the closet, then he waves "bye bye" to it and shuts the door. He has been helping with vacuuming in some manner for almost his whole life!
Swiffering, on the other hand, is a newly acquired interest. Once he gets started, he can spend about 10 minutes pushing it around the house. He'll swiffer inside, then go out on the new porch. He's dedicated to his cleaning, and he even lays down on the floor to get under the couch. Take a look!Posted by Picasa