Sunday, August 3, 2008

Look Out, Duck!

I love this picture! It really captures a moment around the house. This push duck is Noah's absolute favorite toy. He loves to push it around the house. When he pushes it, the duck's wings flap up and down and it makes a clicking noise. He also uses it as a walking stick and poker, depending on his mood. He has even said "duck" a few times when he's excited to see it.
However, Noah's excitement for the duck has not rubbed off on Emma. She tends to be in the duck's way as it is clicking around the house. The duck is always running into Emma's paws, and sometimes Emma is on the receiving end of a poke or two. Now here's the funny part - look at the picture - Emma is stalking the duck! She looks worn out, and she looks like she's going to pounce on the toy! It looks like the duck should watch it's back! Ahh, life with a 9-year-old dog and a toddler can be kind of comical!Posted by Picasa