Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Puppy Hat

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Let us introduce you to Puppy, Noah's sleeping pal. Puppy has become very important in our ever-changing naptime routine.

Over the last few weeks, Noah has decided he only needs to take one nap, so now we're trying to push his nap later in the day so that he can make it to bedtime without being exhausted. We went to toddler storytime at the library this morning (it was so fun!), and by the time we got home and Noah ate a snack, it was noon - and he was still awake, and ready to take a long nap. We're really making progress! So, hopefully Noah will nap from noon to 2:30 or 3:00 today - we'll see!

Here's Noah's naptime routine:
1) Listen to Chicka Chicka Boom Boom on his CD player. He is completely obsessed with this CD and he does a little dance when he hears it.
2) Walk around the room and do silly things, like wear Puppy on your head, get tickled, pretend to clean the floor and walls with a burp cloth. Note: this is not a relaxing routine - Noah likes to be silly and laugh before he takes a nap.
3) Drink a little water once in a while
4) Brush teeth
5) Read a few books, such as Hop on Pop, Go Dog Go, or Hand Hand Fingers Thumb, end with Goodnight Moon
6) Noah uses Puppy as a pillow in his crib. He snuggles up with Puppy and cries for a while (he seems to need to cry before he can sleep), then happily plays and babbles before he falls asleep.

Here's a few more Puppy pictures.