Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I Really Really Really Want to Touch These Buttons!

Noah loves electronics and buttons. They're some of his favorite things in the world. He has a "corner of temptation" in the house, where the cable box, DVD player and stereo are right at his eye level. It presents Noah with an hourly (or more) dilemma: should he touch the buttons and get in trouble or somehow find the inner strength to just hover is finger over the buttons without touching? We've found a little bit of a solution to the situation: Noah likes to stand and really really look at the buttons, and if we say, "say hi to the buttons" and "say bye-bye to the buttons," he'll wave hi and bye to the buttons and be satisfied enough to go on his merry way. It doesn't happen that easily all the time, but sometimes it works! Here's some more pictures of Noah and his electronics.
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