Sunday, June 29, 2008

Emma's New Master

Emma has a new master, and his name is Noah. When Noah was born, Emma was quite reluctant to welcome him into our family. She mostly pretended he didn't exist and quickly exited the room when he started to cry. Emma soon became more curious about Noah, and would even lay on the floor near him as he was playing with his floor gym. As the months progressed, Noah became mobile and Emma started to think he was interesting. Then, as soon as Noah started sitting in his high chair and eating solid food, the light bulb went off in Emma's mind -- this little boy is a wonderful food source! He's always dropping yummy crumbs, he leaves crumbs behind in the seat of his high chair, and he tends to have sticky fingers most of the day.

When Noah was a newborn, we would sit and watch Emma eat her food everyday because, well, sometimes it's hard to figure out what to do with a newborn everyday! So, now Noah sits on the floor and watches Emma eat her dinner everyday. He's facinated by everything she does. Noah likes to feed Emma a few pieces of her food, and he laughs when Emma eats out of his hand. Emma is truly a gentle giant, and she is entirely submissive to Noah, so we don't worry when Noah feeds her. Here's some more pictures.
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