Friday, May 30, 2008

First Steps

Noah's official first steps were on May 13th. He was walking back and forth between Mommy and Daddy on the grass of the amphitheater in Seaside, when all of a sudden, he took two steps on his own. In the following weeks, he has taken a few hesitant steps on his own, but walking independently hasn't served much of a purpose in his life. If he really needs to get somewhere, he crawls or waits until Mommy or Daddy holds his hand so he can walk. However, he has started to have bursts of walking in the last few days. He will all of a sudden take 8 to 12 steps, and he has the most surprised and excited look on his face while he's walking. It's so cute! Of course, we haven't been able to get any actual steps on film or video yet. This picture is from a few days ago when Noah was cruising around the table while wearing Mommy's hat.
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