Wednesday, May 21, 2008


We had such a great time in Seaside, Florida. We rented a little cottage about 100 yards from the beach and stayed for eight days. The weather was beautiful for the most part, with a few rainy days that forced us to really take it easy and relax. Noah loved his beach cottage, especially the three flights of stairs. He could climb from the first story to the third story without any problems. We had everything we needed within walking distance of our cottage...groceries, lunch, dinner, ice cream, shopping, everything! It was the perfect way to celebrate our tenth anniversary, and we hope to spend time in Seaside again in the future. Oh yes, if you've ever watched the movie The Truman Show, you've seen Seaside - the movie was filmed there. We wanted to do our part to promote Seaside tourism, so here's some more pictures.
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