Thursday, January 17, 2008

Snow Day!

We woke up to find about three inches of snow on the ground this morning! Unfortunately, we couldn't go out and play because by the time Noah ate breakfast, the snow had turned to rain. Noah crawled to the back door on his own to look at the snow - he definitely noticed that something was different!

The last few days have been full of changes around here. First of all, one of Noah's top teeth is just about to pop through. The tooth looks so big for his little mouth! He has had some teething pain for the last few days, but he seems to be taking it in stride. Noah surprised us yesterday by pulling himself up from sitting to standing all by himself! He can also go from a crawling position to sitting on his knees. He's really unstable while he's standing or sitting on his knees, so we can never be more than an arm's-length away wherever he goes. Matt lowered the mattress in Noah's crib, but Noah hasn't tried to pull himself up yet after a nap. He's currently very interested in his bumper pad, and he keeps busy by trying to untie the bumper pad and suck on the little string ties.

Noah says "da da" quite a lot , it now really means "Daddy"! He also said "aye-ah" for "all done" and "bye-ah" for bye. He is doing the sign for "more" quite a bit (it looks like he's clapping with his fingertips).

He is continuing to try a few new foods. Yesterday, Noah ate little pieces of banana and blueberry Nutragrain bar. He has gotten quite skilled at picking up food and shoveling it into his mouth as fast as he can! He also continues to love eating mango in he mesh feeder.

Grandma Marilyn comes tomorrow for a visit, and Noah is looking forward to seeing her again! Here's some pictures to enjoy.
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