Thursday, January 3, 2008

Christmas in Arizona

Happy New Year to everyone! We had a great trip to Arizona, and we had so much fun with family. We stayed with Grammy and Grandad, and Noah had hours of fun playing with toys and showing off his new crawling skills. Noah met his Great Aunt Edie, and impressed her by sitting in a high chair at a restaurant and playing with two spoons. He also had fun with Uncle David, Aunt Stephanie and his cousins Travis, Connor and Jacob. He was facinated by their new kitten, and he giggled the first time he saw it - the kitten came right up to Noah's nose and her whiskers tickled his face.

Noah can do so much now! He has spent the last few days crawling all over our house, and he now follows Laura around wherever she goes. He learned how to wave "Hi," (one hand up in the air) accompanied with a sound that sounds like "Hey!" It's so cute! He is also waving "Bye bye" (one hand waving up and down.) Noah learned how to clap during the Michigan vs. Florida game, and he shows his excitement throughout the day by clapping - he likes to practice while he's laying in his crib after a nap. He has a facination with electrical outlets, so we have quickly child-proofed our house (well, at least the outlets). Noah played with a piano keyboard at Grammy's house, and he now plays with a keyboard here at home - he likes to bang on it and see what kind of noises and rhythms it makes. His favorite things around the house continue to be the remote controls, cell phones, house phones and laptops.

Here's our vacation pictures - there's so many that we split them into two albums: family pictures and pictures of Noah.
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