Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Smile :-)

Noah is 8 weeks old now - can you believe it? He is growing in front of our eyes! He is smiling quite a bit now and sometimes it even sounds like he's laughing. His favorite time for smiles is when he is laying on the changing table right after his diaper gets changed. A new diaper must be quite a great feeling. We can both get smiles out of him at some point during the day, but we noticed this morning that he is also predictably smiling and laughing at his favorite thing in the house - the ceiling fan! He is so excited to see the fan every morning! Noah also really loves our evening walks around the neighborhood. While we walk he watches our faces, looks at the trees and sky and listens to the birds singing. Our dog Emma really seems to like Noah now. When we came home from errands yesterday, Emma stuck her head in Noah's car seat and sniffed him head to toe while wagging her tail. She was genuinely glad that he was home! Here's a few pictures from the last week.

Another new development is DROOL! Noah has become a drooling machine. We were surprised that he started drooling so early, but we read that babies can start drooling more than two months before they start teething. So, here's to lots of bibs in Noah's future!

We are also excited to report that after taking a much needed rest from rolling over, Noah has started doing it again. We found that if we put him on his tummy under his floor gym, he really wants to roll over so he can see the hanging toys, so he just tucks his arm and flips over so he can get a good look!

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