Sunday, June 17, 2007

Grammy and Grandad - look how I've changed!

We just finished a fun week with Laura's parents - here are the pictures! It has been a little more than a month since they have seen Noah, and he has changed so much! He has chubby cheeks and he's so very interested in the world around him. He has definite opinions now - he has certain ways he likes to be held (the football hold is his favorite), and certain things he likes to look at around the house (Laura's photos in the living room are his favorite). Noah has lost most of the hair on the top of his head, and if you look closely you can see a little new fuzz growing up there. We wonder what color his new hair will be - the hair on the side of his head still has a tinge of red to it. His eyes are still blue, but they are starting to look blue-gray on some days. We wonder what color they're going to be in a few months? And as for the rolling over, he hasn't accomplished that feat since May. It seems that it was one of those amazing things that newborns can do, but they lose the ability as they develop, only for it to return again in a few months. Well, we'll keep doing tummy time and see if it happens again!

Here are some pictures of friends that have stopped by to see Noah in the last few weeks. If you're in the neighborhood, come on by!!

Time is flying. We can't believe that Noah will be seven weeks old this week. How could that be? It must be true that time flies when you're having fun. Throw in a heaping helping of sleep deprivation, and time goes even faster!!

Matt had a great birthday and he thanks Laura, Noah, Grammy and Grandad for making it special.

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