Tuesday, July 21, 2015

"The Best Week of My Life!"

Noah declared that last week was the best week of his life!  He spent the week at the Engineering Camp Charlotte Day Camp, and every day he came home buzzing about all the awesome engineering challenges that he worked on.  He loved every minute of it!  

Noah on his first day of Engineering Camp

On Friday, parents came to camp to watch the campers demonstrate some of their projects.  Noah is about to launch his parachute.

Noah's beach ball sling shot rocket is about to be launched.

Noah's beach ball tied for first place for the longest launch!

Noah's motorized carnival ride

Marble run

Another best thing about camp was eating in a university dining hall.  Noah raved about the food and loved the independence of choosing his own lunch, drink and dessert.

While Noah was at Engineering Camp, Isaac attended "Mommy Camp."  Isaac was equally enthusiastic about his camp week!  He got to choose most of the activities and loved having Mommy all to himself.  Here, Isaac is working on painting his wooden dragster that he made as part of "Wood Day" at Mommy Camp.

Isaac wanted to celebrate his stuffed sea turtle's birthday, so he put candles in an apple. 

Turtle turned two, but he got a few bonus candles for fun.

Isaac at 5 and a half.  Since when did 5 and a half look so grown up?  

Playing with a new Hot Wheels set

After our camp week was finished, we went to visit Marilyn in Atlanta, and we had a great lunch experience at Stone Mountain.

Such a beautiful area!