Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A glimpse of the future...

One of our summer traditions is going to the New Life 91.9 Faith Family and Freedom Celebration in June.  It's always a great concert and it's a night of rockin' entertainment.  It also gives the boys a lot of inspiration for the band performances that they do at home.  This year, we got to meet Joel and Luke from For King and Country.

They're brothers, they have a band, and they use at least 6 different kinds of drums, a xylophone, and a cello during their performances.  They're unique, talented, and inspiring, and if Noah and Isaac ever decide to have their own band, I felt like I had seen the future of what their performances would be!
Here's two videos of For King and Country's performances (the videos may start with a commercial):
What do you think?  Could that be the future Noah and Isaac someday?
Here's a few pictures of the boys at the Faith, Family and Freedom Celebration: