Saturday, May 4, 2013

A Very Happy 6th Birthday

Noah had a great birthday!  He had spent a long time - many months - thinking about what gifts he would like.  He asked for two specific lego sets that have hundreds of parts and take hours to build.  He also decided that he didn't want to open his presents before he went to school on his birthday because if he did, he thought he would be so excited that he wouldn't be able to hear his teacher speaking to him.  So, in an act of unbelievable self-control, he only opened a few small gifts before he went to school in the morning.
The day after his birthday was a homestudy day, but Noah also decided that he didn't want to do any schoolwork the day after his birthday, so that he would have lots of time to build the lego sets.  So, he worked ahead of schedule by his own design and completed all his assignments.  One assignment was to write (on the computer) an instruction book that detailed the process he went through to make a butterfly piñata.  Noah documented every step and wrote a 41-page book (one sentence on each page)!  He didn't leave out a single step, and anyone could follow it and make a piñata.  So, he was able to play for the entire day after his birthday because of his time-management skills.  We couldn't be prouder of him!
At Noah's school, the whole school sings Happy Birthday to every birthday kid, then the whole school prays for the birthday kid, with the prayer being led by a friend.  Here's a video of Noah's Happy Birthday song, and his friend Matthew prays for Noah at the end.  It's so very sweet.
Here's a video of Noah dancing on stage during Praise and Worship.  He gets lost behind some other students at times, and my camerawork is not the best, but it's a fun video to watch anyway!  They're dancing to "Jesus You're My Superhero"
Now, on to some birthday pictures!
DSC04386 DSC04390
DSC04404 DSC04409
DSC04438 DSC04439
DSC04443 DSC04444 DSC04445