Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Weekend in Memphis

We traveled to Memphis, Tennessee in September to help our friends Chris and Jenna celebrate their wedding.  It was our first time travelling without the boys.  It was a wonderful, relaxing and fun weekend!  Here's a view of downtown Memphis and the Mississippi River in the distance.

We stayed at the historic Peabody Hotel and, yes, we even saw the ducks that play in the fountain in the lobby.  The ducks were cute and they are one of the most brilliant marketing ideas I've heard of in a long time.  People are crazy about the ducks!

A picture of the Mississippi River just for Noah.  When we got home, he said, "Look!  I can see Arkansas on the other side of the river!"

Chris and Jenna's wedding party had their pictures taken on the roof of the Peabody.  Look at Mr. Handsome on the far left!

That's when it dawned on us:  Matt had taken a shower and was wearing his best suit on the exact same day that I had showered and blowed-dry my hair and was wearing a soon as we realized that, we said, "Quick!  Take our picture!"

It was fun to get dressed up and celebrate a marriage of great friends.  We decided that we should get all dressed up and fancy again sometime.  It will likely be years from now, but we decided we should do it again. 
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