Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lead Weights

This was Isaac's first reaction to having real shoes on his feet! I knew it was going to be dramatic, so I had the camera ready, and he didn't fail to deliver. Right after this picture was taken, he pulled up on the coffee table, marched his little feet up and down a few times to figure out the new lead weights that were attached to them, and then took off crawling. After a minute of crawling, he sat down, pulled the shoes off, and clapped for his success.

We've tried wearing shoes a few more times for the fun of it, and Isaac patiently waits for me to put them on just so that he can pull them off with great efficiency and gusto. It's a fun game! Most of the time we stick with the Robees - they give him some traction when he needs it and he can't pull them off.
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