Wednesday, October 13, 2010

...and that's it...

Isaac woke up on Monday morning and made the decision that he is completely finished nursing. That's it...cold turkey. He is less than three weeks from his first birthday and he doesn't have the time for being a baby anymore! He will only drink from a sippy cup now, and he prefers to be on the move while he's doing it - like pushing a chair around the house. I had just started planning to get him weaned after he turned a year old, but he made the decision and that is a much easier way to do it! It's a strange and freeing feeling to be finishing a year of NO bottles - Isaac only took a bottle once or twice - and suddenly having an almost one-year-old who has determined he doesn't need anything from me anymore. I was almost offended by it on Monday, but it's a wonderful thing and I'm just going to celebrate the fact that we made it through a year of being completely dependent on nursing and we survived!!
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