Saturday, July 3, 2010

Perfect Summer Day

We had the perfect summer day yesterday. Here's what we did:

* Wake up, eat breakfast and play
* Watch SuperWhy while Isaac takes his morning nap
* Go to the pool and swim from 10:30-1:00, taking a break for lunch. Noah easily swam the length of the pool countless times and learned how to use the ladder to get out. He also learned to jump into the pool and go completely under water.  Isaac also loved sitting on the side of the pool and "jumping" in.  He has a strong kicking reflex and he loves "swimming" on his belly.
* Home for afternoon naps
* Get pizza and garlic knots from Brooklyn South
* Bring pizza to the pool. Eat and wait for Daddy to join us
* Go swimming with Daddy until the pool closes at 8pm. Noah had fun showing Daddy all his new "tricks."  Mommy and Isaac splashed on the side of the pool.
* Home for bed

The perfect summer day! There weren't even any dishes to clean up in the kitchen!
Here's some more pool pictures.
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