Saturday, January 23, 2010

Baby Noah


Noah has become such a wonderful and loving big brother. We are so proud of how he has adjusted over the last 12 weeks. He is truly excited to see Isaac every morning, and he thinks it's funny when Isaac makes little baby noises and smiles at him. We were expecting him to be more jealous than he has been, so it's a great relief.

The main change is that Noah frequently turns into "Baby Noah." Baby Noah likes to sit in Isaac's bouncy chair and play under the floor gym (he's wearing Isaac's bib in the above picture). More importantly, Baby Noah needs to be held and rocked like a baby while he flails his arms and makes baby noises. Sometimes Baby Noah's imaginary pacifier falls out and we need to put it back in for him so he'll stop fussing. It's kind of funny how Noah refers to himself in the third person as "Baby Noah" and clearly tells us how he wants to be held. Then, the next minute, he's a toddler again and wants to do everything by himself!