Friday, February 20, 2009

Learning is Fun!

I've been inspired by this blog to be more intentional about creating learning activities for Noah. We've had a lot of fun since I've started doing this, and Noah gets really interested when I take out a new learning activity or game. I try to snap a picture once in a while to document what we're doing. Some of the activities last only a few minutes the first time, but when I get it out again he tends to spend more time to try and master a skill. A few days ago, Noah learned how to use an eyedropper, and he's become much better at lacing beads.

In the above picture, Noah is doing a puzzle the way he likes to do it - he puts a piece in the wrong spot and shakes his head "no," then he puts it in the right spot and shakes his head "yes." Here's our learning activity pictures. Enjoy!
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