Sunday, January 25, 2009


Noah officially knows two letters now - O and T. He occasionally knows a hand full of other letters, but these are the two that he has officially mastered. He is in search of O's and T's everywhere - on clothes, cereal boxes, batteries, street signs, books, toys... He was eating breakfast and found a plus sign on the inside flap of his cereal box, and he screamed "T" in excitement! Pretty good for a 20-month old, huh?

The above picture is of his foam bathtub letter. Noah and Matt play with the letters every night in the tub, and they have all sorts of things they do with the letters - stick them on the wall, sing the alphabet song (as Matt sings, Noah purposefully rearranges the letters in the wrong order and giggles), and splash with the letters. Noah goes into the bathroom a couple of times everyday to look in the bathtub and find his T and O. I wanted to get a picture of him holding the T and smiling, but this is what I got instead. A lot of the time, Noah wants to see the digital display on the camera, and he won't pose. To get a good picture of him lately, I need to hide the camera and sneak up on him when he's least expecting it.
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