Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Much to our delight, Noah started saying "hi" about a week ago. His first "hi" was to his animal wooden puzzle. His second "hi" was to the little animals that go in his Noah's Ark... you can see where this is going... For two days, he only said "hi" to his animal toys. It was so cute! He would take them out of his toy bin and be so delighted to see them. I've been trying to make a point of modeling talking for Noah during the day, and I had been saying "hi" to his toys for months now. I think he gets the idea now!
Then, Matt and Noah were having fun with the red brick blocks one night last week. Matt made a hole in the wall so Noah could peep through. Noah saw Matt and said "hi" in the cutest sing-song voice. It was adorable. The next day, we were playing with the bricks again and I re-created the hole in the wall. That was when I got my first "hi" from Noah. It was the sweetest moment.
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