Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pure Happiness

Noah is swinging upside down between Granddad's legs in this picture - it's pure happiness! Granddad also used to swing Laura upside down between his legs when she was little :-)

Noah had Grammy and Granddad all to himself last weekend when Mommy and Daddy went to a retreat in Charlotte. Noah soon became best of friends with Grammy and Granddad. They had so much fun playing outside (especially just after the rain), coloring, watching football, and spending time together. Noah's current favorite activity is filling and emptying anything and everything (the key basket, crayon bin, bin of trains, toy baskets, etc.), so they also spent lots of time watching Noah putting things in and taking things out.

For a little guy who doesn't say too much, he sure is communicative! Grammy and Granddad didn't have any problem understanding what Noah was trying to tell them over the weekend. Noah developed a very special bond with Granddad, who he now calls "Ya Ya." So cute! Here's more pictures from the weekend.

Next week, we're off to spend a week in Michigan. Noah will get to spend some fun time with his Uncle David, Aunt Stephanie, and cousins Travis, Connor and Jacob, who will all be travelling to Michigan from Arizona. And of course, Noah will also have lots more time together with Grammy and Ya Ya. I'm sure we will have lots of pictures to share from our trip!

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