Saturday, February 23, 2008

Noah and Cole - Cute Cousins!

Noah had so much fun with his cousins Cole and Morgan in Sarasota, Florida last weekend. It was also Noah's first time meeting his Uncle Mark and Aunt Tanya. Cole (16 months old) is a busy toddler, but Noah quickly found that they share many common interests: swinging, pacis, and playing the piano. Morgan (almost 6 years old) and Noah spent a lot of cute time together. Morgan loves cooing at babies, and Noah loved being cooed at by a pretty little girl!

We went to the beach together and we found out that Noah is a beach baby! He loved the sand and the feeling of the water on his feet. His main goal was to try and get as much sand into his mouth as possible! In the beach pictures, we're all smiling and having fun, but we're also trying to wrestle with Noah to keep him from getting his hands full of sand. The weather was so beautiful at the beach - 80 degrees, blue sky and just the perfect amount of gentle breeze.

We were able to take a direct flight from Charlotte to Sarasota, and the flight was only 1 hour and 15 minutes long. It was Noah's third plane ride, and he seems to have the hang of it now - he knows we need to stay in our seats most of the time and that he'll get to eat lots of food and have a nap along the way. Noah can now boast of having visited 5 states: South Carolina, Georgia, Michigan, Arizona, and Florida. That's pretty good for a 9 month old baby, isnt it!
Here's our pictures from Florida!
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