Friday, November 16, 2007

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Noah has discovered the fun of banging! He has taken after Daddy and Grandpa Larry in his interest in computers, and he loves to bang on the keyboard. He also likes to bang his hand on his crib mattress after he wakes up from a nap - it's like he's calling for service. Noah liked having his own computer in the above picture, but he soon decided that Daddy's computer was much more interesting because it was turned on! Noah's other favorite things around the house are the remote control, cell phones and house phones.

Noah has become a sturdy sitter now, and he is now able to go from sitting to laying on his tummy - it's not graceful, but he can do it. Noah now has his own highchair, and it has made meal times so much easier! Noah likes to be up high where he can see what's going on, and there is no longer any danger of Emma sneaking up and eating his food.
Here's a few pictures from the last two weeks.
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