Monday, August 27, 2007

Noah and his Bumbo seat

Noah is a very busy boy these days! He has become quite the roly poly, and he can easily roll two or three times in a row. He is always quite pleased with himself when he ends up on his tummy, propped up on his elbows. Noah really likes his new Bumbo seat - it is a foam seat that a baby can sit upright in as soon as they have good head control. We can tell he really feels like a big boy when he's sitting up! Another thing Noah is currently enjoying is standing up. He loves to stand up when we hold him, and his legs are getting so strong. He is happy and laughing and he even squeals with delight once in a while. Emma the dog is getting increasingly interested in Noah - she has learned that where ever Noah is, that's where the action is. Noah almost always smiles when he sees his dog Emma. They're quite the pair!
Noah participated in his very first 5K on Saturday. Matt ran the race, and Laura did a walk/run and pushed Noah in the jogging stroller. Noah liked watching the trees and other joggers go by as he relaxed in his stroller and eventually fell asleep. Everyone commented that he was the luckiest person in the race!

We had been swaddling Noah during the night to keep his hands out of his mouth and eyes and to help him relax so he wasn't rolling over in his sleep. The swaddling worked for a while, but then Noah figured out how to roll over while swaddled, and that isn't a good combination, so he's back to sleeping un-swaddled. Here's our pictures from the last two weeks.

Noah also had a photo-shoot with is friends Morgan and Maddi - Here they are!
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